Nominate a Safety Hero

A Safety Hero is an individual in San Bernardino County who promotes public safety and preparedness in their neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. Vision4Safety is seeking nominees for Safety Heroes in hopes of recognizing people in our community who have made a difference by always striving to make their communities safer and better-prepared for emergencies.

Examples of Safety Heroes:

  • A person who has started a neighborhood watch group;
  • A teacher who encourages safe afterschool programs to keep young people busy when not in the classroom;
  • A business person who encourages their employees to learn CPR and other life saving techniques in case of an emergency;
  • A child who helped their family prepare for an earthquake or a fire by practicing evacuations or building a preparedness kit;
  • A person who helped law enforcement with a tip that led to an arrest or prevented someone from getting hurt.

Tell us about your Safety Hero nominee in 300 words or less:

If you’d like to nominate someone anonymously, please leave your name and contact information off of this form.

Questions? Call Leticia Prieto with San Bernardino County Fire at (909) 918-2231 or email her at

Nominations are being accepted until May 31, 2019.